Where it all started..

I was born and bred in the town of Oderzo in Northern Italy. 
After Verona, Oderzo is the second most important Venetian city of archaeological finds from the Roman age.

Growing up I have always had a keen interest in baking and pursued a career as a pizza chef where I culminated my skills in my local town and in Cortina located in the Dolomites. 

My intention was to always be able to travel with these skills and experience some time in Australia.

In Sydney and Wollongong i continued my career as a pizza chef before also spending time in Canberra and then moving to Perth.


What it became....

Whilst working as a pizza chef in Perth, I developed the desire to be my own boss and pursue my passion in Panettone. Knowing that most Australians have not experienced what a proper, fresh Panettone is, my mission was to deliver that experience to them and not only at the traditional Christmas and Easter time, but all year round!

With years of experimentation, travelling to Italy to learn under well know Panettone Maestro's and many fails, I was finally happy to provide my product to the public. 

Whilst still working my day job, I applied to small, local farmers markets and began producing small amounts of Panettone and selling on Saturday mornings. 

Whist quite humbling introducing the Perth public to the delight of Panettone, I was wanting to do more!

I already had my Levito Madre and she had so much more potential!

SO began... my Sourdough journey.
I taught myself sourdough bread with a long fermentation.

There is a benefit to Sourdough bread in itself, however what sets a great Sourdough apart is the long fermentation. 

The benefits are second to none with a reduction in gluten and an enhancement in flavour, you will notice the difference when consuming my bread. 

My journey didn't stop here.......

I then began to teach myself the art of Sourdough Pastry. 

Long story short..... 4 years later, we are now known at our local markets for the best quality in all 3 of my passions. 

Panettone, Sourdough Breads & Pastries.

It still blows my mind the lengths people line up for to get my product and this is completely humbling and very appreciated. 

I took the leap in December 2023 to open my first retail store, as up until then, all this was still produced from our Home and it was very cramped!


 Where it is going....

The plan for the future is to grow our current retail store to the popularity of the markets while maintaining the top quality of my product!

I endeavour to be able to ship my Panettone nationally and internationally all year round to our customers who appreciate its relevancy at any time of the year. 

I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us. 

Thank You for all the support and for continuing on this journey with us!